The People's Kitchen

Jesus consistently demonstrated a concern not only for the spiritual health of people, but also for their emotional and physical well-being. He brought a healing touch to people overcome by disease, fed those without food, and ate and drank with those in society often pushed to the fringe as outcasts and unwanted.

Following in the footsteps of the Lord, Peace Lutheran reaches out to the homeless of the Five Cities by preparing, serving and sharing a meal with them at the People's Kitchen on the corner of Seventh and Grand in Grover Beach.

Peace Lutheran Church included the Peoples Kitchen in its monthly ministry for decades, until the City of Grover Beach revoked its license granting permission for the ministry. If you would like to see this ministry revived, please contact the City Council of Grover Beach.


Words From Members

  • Members of Peace Lutheran Church are dedicated to sharing the Good News of Jesus’ salvation and the Board of Directors does everything in its power to provide opportunities to accomplish this goal.

    Bert Berringer
    Board Member, Peace Lutheran Church
  • It is an honor be part of a congregation committed to sharing God's love and grace with our church family and community.

    Donna Rucker
    Long-Time Member, Peace Lutheran Church
  • Peace Lutheran is a small but mighty congregation, with a heart for God and members who reach out and serve the 5-Cities and beyond. We are so grateful that God led us to Peace.

                        Sandy & Mark Weintraub
    New Members, Peace Lutheran Church