When can my child begin to attend Peace Christian Preschool?

Families can register their children at any time throughout the school year. Your child is welcome to begin after his or her second birthday.

Who provides diapers for my young toddler?

Parents will provide diapers or pull-ups and wipes for their child. Please label these items with your child’s name. The staff will notify the parent a day or two in advance when the supply is getting low.

Are meals included in the tuition?

Nutritious morning and afternoon snacks are provided for the children and included in the fee. Parents will provide lunch. We encourage you to pack healthy food in easy-to-open packages. Please avoid candy, soft drinks, and other high-sugar items. Parents are to provide a written list of any food items their child may not consume.

How should I dress my child for school?

Please dress your child in comfortable play clothes that they are able to manage on their own. Part of our program helping the children achieve successful independence in caring for their personal needs. The children should be dressed in clothes so they feel free to participate in outdoor and sandbox play as well as painting and other fun (yet typically at times, untidy) activities.
Tennis shoes or other closed-toe shoes are best. Please do not allow your child to wear slip-on sandals, flip flops/thongs, jelly shoes/crocs, cowboy boots, or dress shoes with slick soles.
Please bring an extra change of clothes to leave in your child’s cubby in case of an accident. Bring and label a pair of underwear, pants, a shirt and socks in a large zip lock bag with your child’s name on it.

Do you charge for late pick-up after preschool?

Yes. Charges are assessed for children who remain after the preschool dismissal time at $15 for any part of 15 minutes per child..

Who can pick up my child from school?

Children will be released only to adults authorized on the registration form unless written permission is provided. Parents are required to sign with their complete signature upon arrival and departure from the school with their children.

What is your vacation policy?

We no longer offer vacation credit.

What is your illness policy?

We are not equipped to care for ill children no matter how mild.  If your child appears to have symptoms of illness during the day  he or she will be isolated form the other children per State regulations, and  you will be called and you will be expected to come imediately.  Please have a plan in place for these days.  We realize that working parents have a hard time with their employers wanting them at work.  If we suppect a child is starting to feel ill, we try to look at the big picture of how your child is feeling when we make our decisions whether to send them home.  Children must be sympton free with out the aid of medication for 24 hours before returning to school.  The health of all children and our staff are important.

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